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I began taking and developing photographs as a teenager and can now claim half a century of experience in the photographic arts. With an engineering degree and an MFA, I spent my professional career teaching at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and most of my free time in an insatiable pursuit of photo opportunities, both close to home and in exotic places around the globe. I have owned and worked with over forty different cameras and a wide variety of photographic techniques and processing software. I work exclusively in full frame and do not crop my images, maintaining top quality in prints ranging from wallet size to wall size. After many exhibits and shows and several books, I am recently retired and now can devote the majority of my time to travel and photography.

I have always found the world to be a beautiful place and have endeavored to capture that beauty in my work. It has been my hope that in doing so I can share my joy with others. Though the work has taken many forms, the consistent theme is nature, and the miracle confluence of time, place and light composed precisely in the image frame. The practice of "seeing”, or the art of recognizing and framing a connection in the magic of the moment involves a rush of emotions that never repeats and yet is always the same. Zillions of possibilities resolve when I release the shutter. The craft of presentation is my medium for communicating and sharing both that rush of the creative act and the magic of the resulting image with others.

The cumulative outcome of a lifetime of photography is my legacy website, iFotoZ.com, which presents images in a series of gallery slideshows, each one based on a different place or subject, and each with appropriate background music. The website has led to a variety of projects, the latest one being the design and installation of a series of custom video kiosks, which play slideshows from these galleries for individual patients at cancer centers in Rochester. The goal of this project is to help lower anxiety for people undergoing treatment or surgery within the Strong oncology system.

Although I have, up to now, printed my own photographs and filled orders directly from my website, I am delighted to collaborate with the wonderful people at The Long Island Photo Gallery who will process orders and free me up to continue travelling and searching for those perfect moments. 



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